Shipping & Returns

OLIBIT reliable shipments of its customers in international couriers can provide the best guarantees in terms of delivery and security. Depending on the size, weight, destination, or delivery of shipments, OLIBIT proposes a logistics partner that best meets your needs.

Shipping costs included in the price (only for Italy).

Shipping charges are included in the price unless otherwise stated. 
Free shipping is not 'provided for resellers / distributors.

However, if they are provided for shipping, customers can verify the amount of these charges on their trucks with the order before sending it to OLIBIT.


The products, which at the time of order, appear to be in stock can also be delivered within 5/10 working days from order completion. 
Delivery for refrigerators and 'planned, at most, within 30 working days from order completion.


Delivery (5/10 days) refer to products available in stock when ordering. You can use the service of "delivery plan", porterage and / or tail lift. The cost of this service is commensurate with the weight of the shipment and not included in shipping charges. 
You must therefore ask before ordering to calculate separately the amount.

The driver is required to download the goods from the truck but not to carry the packages inside. 
Even if drivers are available to lend a hand, it is necessary to delivery, there is always your responsibility to receive and handle the goods.

If the carrier does not permit the opening packages and in case of any damage to the packaging of products, transport document or invoice must be signed with "retention of control" and always sent via fax to 
08251681261 or by mail to:

Otherwise no substitutions will be made of goods or refunds. It is imperative to report any destinations other than the sending of the order and indicate if the delivery area is somewhat difficult to get (very narrow roads, limited traffic areas, pedestrian zones, etc...) We will not accept changes next destination. 
All changes you do not agree with Olimed (Olibit s.r.l.) and the loss of time justified the carriers will be quantified and billed on the invoice.

What to do before signing the document of carriage with the carrier's agent present

• Check that the number of packages is the same as marked on the shipping document (or the courier waybill);

• Check the labels on packages bring back the correct address;

• Check that the external appearance of packages it has no damage or tampering (eg closures of the conveyor belt but not the original, damaged packaging, etc.).

Where there is a major anomaly above, you must affix to their reserve bulletin specifying the type of anomaly.

Please note: the reservation is a right enshrined in the Civil Code (art. No. 1698).

Alternatively, you can always refuse the delivery by making the report the reasons for refusal (partial delivery, incorrect address, damaged packaging).

It is understood that anomalies will not be accepted for transport from the 5 calendar days after receipt of goods.

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