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Controllore digitale medicale

Dedicated electronic controller for refrigerating equipment for medical products. The controller is equipped with clearly visible on the switch tastiera.Visualizza all alarms required for HACCP management appliance refrigerator.
1) high temperature alarm operated by a range and a programmable delay
2) low temperature alarm operated by a range and a programmable delay
3) open door alarm because the digital igresso is configured for this option
4) network without guaranteed by the alarm function (RTC) Real-time clock.
All alarms are stored on a nonvolatile memory and guaranteed by a backup battery located inside the instrument. Therefore, the user can see what kind of alarm which has now been detected and when he returned.
In addition, the storage was an alarm is indicated on the display with the flashing of the HACCP and written by a pulsating sound provided by the internal buzzer. It has a range of basic parameters for the refrigerator to use
medical intervention including programming defrost regulated by the internal clock. And 'with a fourth relay' normally configured as external alarm can 'be equipped with a battery bigger than the one installed at
inside and coupled to the charging module provides the power of a visual or audible alarm at a distance.
It also displays other alarms as an error sensor indicating whether any issue with the sensor cell, the evaporator probe or auxiliary probe normally configured as a probe alarm.
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