Ordering by fax or telephone

He never made ​​a purchase on lineBelieved to be complicated? Can not find theproduct you need?
Prefer to speak with an operator?
OLIMED gives the possibility to carry out his orders by fax and by phone.
1. Browse the site,
2. Take note of the codes of the items of interest
Will display the product code you wish to purchase on its first board to indicate the price.
3. call 08251686299
Our staff will assist you promptly to complete her order and send by e-mail or faxconfirmation with details of products required.
4. Order by fax
Fill out this form and send it to the following fax number 08251681261

OLIMED (olibit Ltd.does not store the data of those who make phone orders exceptthose absolutely necessary for the production of tax documents and transportation.
The data are treated according to current regulationssee the specific section.
Terms of delivery
The transmission of a telephone order requires acceptance by the customer's general terms of deliveryapplied by OLIMED (Olibit Ltd.).
In this regard, it refers specifically to the "Conditions of Sale".
Hours of service
The service operates from Monday to Sunday:
· 24/24h if there is not an operator to leave a message on the voicemail with name and numberwe'll call again.

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